Taylor Swift Got Caught With a New Boo & Calvin Harris Deleted All Pics of Her

So many things are happening right now: Taylor Swift is being a DGAF queen, Calvin Harris is being a baby, and Tom Hiddleston is about to gain a new fan base of females who are under the age of 40 for once!

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Basically, Tay Tay was spotted “canoodling” with “Tom Hiddleston” in Rhode Island today, close to the beach bungalow she purchased to be next to Conor Kennedy several boyfriends ago.

The two were spotted full-on making out in front of a pile of rocks. The tender moment was captured by a member of the paparazzi who just so happened to be hanging out in Rhode Island. Hmmm, is someone taking a page from the Lindsay Lohan book of highly publicized bae-cations?


In the moments following The Sun’s story on this steamy and preppy new love affair, Just Jared has breathlessly reported two more developments.

One: Calvin Harris has allegedly deleted every last photo of her from his Instagram, including the ones where they are flirting on top of inflatable swans, like a giant baby.

And two: a dance shared by Taylor and Tom Hiddleston at the Met Ball last month apparently has new meaning — I mean like besides being so embarrassing that it makes your butthole seal shut.


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Sidenote: why was “Bring ‘Em Out” playing at the Met Gala? Does Anna Wintour seriously go to the trouble of approving every single guest’s outfit, and then leave the playlist up to the whims of “Turn Down For What” Pandora? Get it together, babe!

Anyway, guess Taylor is killing it, in her own special way. At least she seems to have ditched the Hot Topic makeover for good. Tom Hiddleston, in all his tweedy British splendor, is probably a better match for her actual brand, anyway.

Still, we wish she was gonna spend this summer wasted on a pool swan with Rihanna. But you can’t win ’em all.

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