Taylor Swift Just Ditched Her Hot Topic Makeover

Sorry Anna Wintour, but it looks like Taylor Swift just ditched her Hot Topic makeover you so thoughtfully forced her into.

Yesterday Swift was spotted walking around New York City in bright green Stellasport leggings featuring an abstract alphabet, a grey hoodie, a neon tank top/sports bra situation, and a pair of bright orange sneakers that don’t remotely fit the “Hedi Slimane rock ’n’ roll girl” vibe Wintour was going for.  

To make matters worse, this isn’t the first time in the last 2 weeks that T Swift has opted to not dress in her Anna Wintour-approved uniform.

One week ago she went to a wedding and wore a long, strapless dress that was gold, purple and red, which took her look back to her homegrown good girl roots.

Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

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And six days ago, Taylor Swift was photographed leaving Body by Simone in NYC, wearing a neutral workout outfit with her hair swept back into a very un-edgy ponytail.

So far, Anna Wintour has not offered a public statement about Taylor Swift’s decision to ditch her new makeover, which could be because the two have struck some kind of truce where Taylor’s allowed to dress however she wants on her personal time so long as she still adheres to Wintour’s vision on the red carpet.

Or maybe Taylor’s just reneging on the deal because dealing with a new breakup and a new style at once is just too much to handle.

Time will tell.

Oh well, Anna. At least you still have Kendall Jenner to push around towards a more fashion-forward future.

R.I.P. Hot Topic Taylor. Gone, but never forgotten.

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