Calvin Harris Just Unleashed a Petty Rant About Taylor Swift On Twitter

Calvin Harris is no stranger to ranting about Taylor Swift on social media, but today he really outdid himself on Twitter.

You may remember that earlier today we told you about this rumor that’s going around that Taylor Swift was the one who wrote “This Is What You Came For,” and that she broke up with Calvin Harris because he “disrespected her” over it.

As it turns out, that rumor is 100% true.

Or at least the part about her writing it is.

And then, after those very level-headed tweets, Calvin Harris went off on his ex in a petty, but incredibly exhilarating rant.

Obviously, stopping after his first two tweets would have been a much better look for Calvin, but we can’t lie, getting confirmation that Taylor purposefully dragged Katy Perry through the mud, and it wasn’t just something we were all making up, is the most exciting news we’ve heard since Amber Rose told us Kanye likes a good finger or two up the butt.

Fingers crossed he doesn’t come to his senses and delete these tweets by the end of the day.

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