The VMA Nominations Just Came Out and They’re Over Taylor Swift Too

MTV just announced their VMA nominations for 2016 and what do you know, Taylor Swift’s name was nowhere to be seen.

Looks like they’re over Taylor Swift too.

Or at least they’re over the last three music videos she released, one of which was pretty racist (“Wildest Dreams”) and one of which I don’t even remember hearing anything about (“New Romantics”).

But do you know who did get some VMA nominations?

Kanye West.

And Calvin Harris.

“Famous” was nominated for Video of the Year and Best Male Video while “This Is What You Came For” got nods for Best Collaboration and curiously Best Male Video, even though Calvin Harris barely makes an appearance and when he does, he just stands there like a moody cat in the background while Rihanna does all the work.

Check out the full list of nominations here, and say your prayers for Taylor tonight.

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