Here’s Justin Bieber Doing God Knows What in Amsterdam

Justin Bieber is a famous human around the world, but he still feels like he’s entitled to some semblance of privacy in public, which we assume is how he got the bright idea to walk around in Amsterdam wearing a wig and a mustache/goatee set that looks like it came out of the 99 cent bin at Spirit Halloween.

“Hey, does this look real,” Justin asked some random blonde lady about to ride off on her moped.

Maybe she was starstruck, or maybe she was just confused why some random American wearing an obviously fake disguise was talking to her, but she never got around to answering Justin’s question, which is a shame because it’s always so satisfying when you get to watch somebody say “no” to a famous person.

Next time Justin, just call up the Kardashians ahead of time and get the number for whoever put together their disguises for their trip to the Hollywood Bus Tour.

And cover up your tattoos bb.

They’re a dead giveaway.

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