The Kardashians Just Went On a Hollywood Bus Tour in Disguise

Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Khloé Kardashian just went on a bus tour in Hollywood in disguise and Snapchatted the whole thing. And it’s hilarious.

First let’s look at the cast of characters. Kylie decided to go as a Hot Topic teen from the suburbs who has her bangs cut by a gay best friend who’s not out yet.

Those fake ear gauges show really impressive attention to detail. She also wore a prosthetic nose.

Khloe was a deranged grandma with an attitude problem and suspiciously smooth hair for an old lady.

And Kendall was a warlock.

The three sisters hit the town with their wigs and prosthetic facial features intact, and it was hilarious. In fact, it’s tough to say what the most entertaining moment was.

Maybe the best moment is Khloé shouting, “I’M FROM ALBUQUERQUE!” and insisting she was born in 1937.

Maybe it’s Kylie quizzically turning to her sisters and asking, “Have you guys ever seen the red carpet?”

No, it’s definitely Khloé yelling, “I don’t wanna talk about those Kartrashians.”

Or actually, the best part is when the tour guide tells the story of Paul McCartney being turned away from Tyga’s after-party while the sisters shriek in unison, “That’s not true!”

Sadly, the tour came to a close when the girls leapt off the tour bus and the paparazzi discovered them. You can watch the whole thing on Kylie’s Snapchat.

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