Kylie and Kim Did a Snapchat Face Swap and Looked Pretty Much the Same

By now, we’ve all tested out Snapchat’s face swap feature with our friends, parents, and boyfriends. Translation: we’ve all looked Satan in the face because those face swaps are straight from the fires of hell.

But yesterday, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner did a face swap — and the results were not just attractive, but barely noticeable.

Leave it to a couple of Kardashian-Jenners to make social media’s current ugliest trend seem aspirational, right? Here’s another look:

In the Snap, Kim and Kylie assess their respective faces and talk about how it looks. When the video first starts, you might not even realize they’ve swapped.

There’s one shady moment, when Kylie says, “I look really good.” And Kim, who has Kylie’s face, responds, “I look… okay.”

Also, shit gets weird when Kim sticks out her tongue and it appears on Kylie’s face — or maybe it’s the other way around, it’s tough to tell.

Check out the video below and don’t try this at home because chances are you will NOT look like this.

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