Kylie Jenner Saw the New Lip Enhancing Filter and She’s Onto You, Snapchat

Kylie Jenner is low key hilarious and the next Martin Scorsese, so it’s not surprising that when she saw Snapchat’s newest filter, she decided to respond.

The new filter — which you can only access if you update the app ughhhh hate when they do that — will plump up the user’s lips while also coating them in a purple gloss. Basically, it’s Juvederm and a Kylie Lip Kit in an app.

Kylie discovered it while getting her makeup done and asked the only appropriate question in a situation like this:

“Are you making fun of me, Snapchat?”

Our guess is that Snapchat isn’t making fun of her, but the filter is definitely Kylie-inspired. Clearly, Snapchat is paying homage to the 2010s’ foremost lip kween. Can we have a Kim K booty filter next? We’re getting sick of face swap.

By the way, if this filter gets you thinking of actual lip injections, educate yourself.

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