Kylie Jenner Just Made a Horror Movie on Snapchat and It’s Awesome

Kylie might want to change her last name to Kubrick because her latest Snapchat Story is giving us serious horror vibes.

After launching her new clothing collection with sister Kendall last night, Kylie went back to her hotel and made a horror movie with Hailey Baldwin, her sister Kendall, and Harry Hudson.

The video starts with Kylie and Harry acting couple-y. Then, Hailey bursts in and the plot only gets weirder from there. The whole thing is two minutes long and there’s even an intermission.

Unfortunately, Whalerock Industries — the company behind the Kardashian sisters’ apps — has blocked most copies of the Snapchat Story from YouTube, so you have to go to Snapchat to view it.

That probably means it’s going to show up on Kylie’s app at some point. But in the meantime, we’ve saved a few of Kylie’s artsier shots for you to enjoy.

1. The wide angle shot

In film school, this is also referred to as an “establishing” shot that sets the scene for the story to unfold.

2. The curious keyhole glance

Who could it be?!

3. The through-the-legs shot

Very film noir!

4. The “intermission”

So thoughtful for viewers.

5. The mysterious hand

Who’s at the door? No clue, you have to watch the Snapchat Story.

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