You Might Be Corrupting Your Dog Without Realizing It

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he know when you’re awake…

No, I’m not talking about Santa Claus, I’m talking about your dog.

You know, your lovable little pooch that you let sleep in your bed with you because he’s “part of the family.” That same little (or big) pooch that has awkwardly watched you and your booty call have sex once or twice.

But it’s no biggie, right? I mean, your dog drinks from the toilet occasionally and also puts his face in your BFF’s coochie when she comes over, he definitely doesn’t realize what you and Josh are doing when he walks in on you two coincidentally doing doggie style, right?


Your dog def remembers more than you realize, according to new research from the Comparative Ethology Research Group.


Claudia Fugazza, the leader of the research team, explained to Broadly that dogs have episodic memory, which means that they remember lots of events, even if they don’t view those events as important. Basically, researchers realized that dogs have a way better understanding of the human world than we’ve previously realized.

This could be good news to you if you’re a dog person that treats your pup like your first-born child. On the other hand, this means that your dog might remember things you don’t want him to remember, like that time you puked on the living room couch, or that time you had sex on the kitchen counter.

But don’t worry, there’s an easy fix to ensure that your beloved pit bull doesn’t have a movie reel of your home-made porno in his head: just don’t have sex in front of your dog.

Or you know, just don’t get a dog, am I right?

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