Watch This Girl Confront Her Dumbass BF For Cheating

We’ve all dated idiots before, it just comes with the territory — at least, if you’re into dudes.

Luckily for us, most of us have never dated a guy as dumb as the one whose face is all over the internet right now.

The douchebag of the moment is the ex of the girl the internet has dubbed #HurtBae, a gorgeous girl who stayed with an asswipe for way too long, and for some reason agreed to confront him in a YouTube video.

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The worst part? You can low-key tell from her face and smile that she wants him to be like, “I’m sorry baby, I changed, let’s try again and I’ll be the best boyfriend you ever had.”

Sadly, from his idiotic remarks about his previous cheating and the fact that he makes her sound like the bad guy for looking through his phone and computer when he was cheating on her with too many girls to count, that’s clearly never going to happen. Also, let’s not ignore the fact that she’s way too hot for him.

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But instead of listening to me judge the f*ck out of this video, make your own assessments while laughing to yourself at how ridiculously dramatic the edits and the music make this out to be:

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