Guys Reveal Their #1 Secret for Getting Over an Ex

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cutting all contact with your ex is the best way to get over them.

You can’t stay friends with someone who broke your heart, and you can’t have casual hookups with an ex if you want to stay sane. In fact, studies support the “cold turkey” theory too.

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And shockingly, even guys agree with me on this one. In fact, even the dudes of Reddit agree that cutting all contact with an ex is the best – and potentially only – way to get over a doozy.

Nothing is cuter than dudes giving other dudes relationship advice, and nothing’s better than having an extra reminder not to drunkenly text your ex tonight.

“The fact that you are no longer together is for a reason,” says Reddit user LordFiresnake. “Even if you were to ‘rekindle’ something, those issues are still there and would come back in full force. Take your long-term happiness into account and focus on something else. Remember that being single doesn’t make you any less of a person just as much as being in a relationship doesn’t make you more of a person.”

Well said, Lord Firesnake. But if you’re still hung up on an ex, you may be thinking that you can work through those problems if you just try again, right? He says nah.

“That you broke up means that from at least one side there wasn’t the will to work on them,” he says. “If one of you felt that way (or both) it will happen again the next time an obstacle is in the way. That’s not even taking into account that she might not be interested to try and rekindle in the first place.”

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Good point. So do guys go cold turkey in the classic T-Swift way that involves burning your ex’s shit and blocking them on Facebook? Reddit user 470vinyl says yes.

“I blocked her on Facebook, threw everything she gave me/ [everything that] reminded me of her away, deleted her number, and deleted every picture of her,” he says. “I cried like a baby when I did it, but I’m very happy I did.”

He then decided that instead of writing her name in the blank space of some breakup tracks, he’d fill his time with some other money-making activities to distract him.

“I got a second job at a restaurant and basically had zero time to think about or talk to her,” he says. “I got more money and met new friends. I eventually moved into a new apartment, started seeing someone new. It didn’t work out with her, but it showed me there are other great girls out there.”

You go, Glen Coco.

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As an added reminder, you might want to block every single form of contact from your ex — especially if they’re the type to haunt. If you’re not familiar with the term haunt, it’s when someone who ghosted you (or just an ex) keeps randomly popping back into your life. Like, for example, the ex of Reddit user teeekuuu.

“Block everything and just try to deal with the emotions, you have to go through all of the emotions to completely heal afterwards,” he says. “I went so far as to block her cell too, just cause she randomly would send an old picture of us together or something very random and I never got why she did that.”

We know why she did that, because she secretly wanted to know that she always had you as a back-up, just in case.

If dudes, who are normally complete idiots when it comes to relationships, can realize that cold-turkey is the way to go, then you can too. Remember this next time you want to stalk your ex’s Instagram or send him a drunk Snapchat.

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