This Fact About Sex Positions Will Shatter Your World

When it comes to sex positions, it can feel like there are an infinite amount that only a small group of sex aficionados know about. As much as you and bae enjoy missionary, girl-on-top, doggy, rinse, and repeat, you might start to wonder: aren’t there hundreds of sex positions in the world, and am I tragically vanilla for not knowing any of them?

It’s a common concern. But guess what? It’s not true. As New York Magazine writer Gabriella Paiella pointed out in a story todaythere are only six god damn sex positions in the universe. Everything else is just a variation on the original six. HOLY SHIT!!!

You could probably name all six off the top of your head, but here they are just in case: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, spooning, standing, and that’s it. Finito!

Isn’t that such a load off (lol)? Don’t you feel better for your pedestrian sex skills? You’re actually not a tragic dweeb for enjoying missionary — and as we’ve gone over before, you’re actually maybe having more orgasms because of it. Nice.


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