How To Take a Voting Selfie Without Getting Arrested

If you aren’t voting to determine the next four years of our country, you’re probs voting for the gram, or for the likes, whichever.

But in case you didn’t realize, you can actually get arrested for taking a selfie in the voting booth. Well, in 17 states, at least. Not very glam.

Want to know how to not get arrested and still let your followers know that you’re woke and cast your ballot?

Well, it’s pretty simple!

First, make sure your iPhone is fully charged before heading out to the polls, especially if you need to use your GPS. Then, make sure you have Facetune and Instagram downloaded on your phone.

When you get to the voting area, put your cell phone in the bottom of your bag. After you cast your vote, walk out of the booth calmly and without having a panic attack.

Then, go the fuck home, and take selfies on your own time!

We have enough shit to worry about with the current political apocalypse than having to wait an hour long at the polls because a bunch of 19-year-olds are taking voting selfies. Go put your sticker on your forehead and wear it around all day. You might not get to show off to all of your followers, but they’d probably rather see your avocado toast than your face anyways.

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