An Election Playlist to Make Sure You Rock That Vote

It’s been hard to hide from the 2016 election coverage and much of its insane bullshittery — but one thing is certain, this is not the year we should express our punk rockness and make a random statement vote.

If you aren’t the type to sit around play protest songs on your guitar, or protest IRL, we’ve got the perfect playlist to listen to while reading over that fun little voter booklet and figuring out where your voting headquarters is.

From Green Day’s “Revolution Radio,” to the 80’s Janet Jackson gem, “Nasty” for all those “nasty women” out there, this playlist has it all: both old and new; rock, rap, and pop; both angry and hilarious. If you’re down for something you haven’t heard, try Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump” or if you’re in need of a visual, check out Pussy Riot’s “Make America Great Again.

I may or may not support you in wearing cat ears when you go to cast that vote while wearing a T-shirt that reads, “Pussy Grabs Back!” — but let’s just leave it there and say, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which doesn’t leave much!) Just don’t get arrested… In the meantime kitties, enjoy our election playlist to inspire you to get out there and Rock Dat Vote, ‘cause it like matters, K?



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