Every Taco Bell in America Is About to Have Fried Chicken Tortillas

You might not know this, but Taco Bell and KFC are both under the same parent brand. That’s why you usually see them sharing a store at rest stops, or next to each other in the food court.

It’s also just another reason why Taco Bell’s latest creation, a fried chicken taco shell known as the Naked Chicken Chalupa, is sure to be fucking delicious.

I mean, honestly, it’s like KFC and Taco Bell had a baby. A beautiful baby. A baby that won’t cry or poop its pants, but will fill your heart (and belly) with hope and pure joy instead.

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The taco shell is made of all-white chicken, and the taco is stuffed with lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese, and avocado ranch.

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Sure, it’s non-traditional. And it’s kind of funny to think of having your meat outside your taco. But I mean, look at this close-up shot.


Taco Bell

And unlike the usual disappointment you face when a fast food chain releases an amazing new menu item, the Naked Chicken Chalupa will be sold nationwide all over the U.S.A. starting January 26th.

The best part? They’re only $2.99 a pop.

Seems like an affordable and balanced diet to us. I mean, that hits all the food groups, right?

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