A Beginners Guide To Fitness: Find Joy In Your Workouts With Trainer Lacee Green 

Fitness guru and BODi Super Trainer Lacee Green recognizes the importance of creating space in the world of beginner fitness. Striving to provide newcomers with healthy guidance to grow into the best versions of themselves, as well as fitness fanatics restarting their fitness journey, she joins us to enlighten curious fitness rookies on how to find joy in exercise.

Some of the quickest goals to abandon are ones related to your fitness journey. Whether that be loss of motivation or lack of results, staying on track can be difficult to conquer alone.

That’s where Lacee Green’s passion for fitness comes in. Known as @thecurvygirltrainer, she is famed for her heart-pumping workouts with BODi, one of the best on-demand workout apps on the market. 

Green credits her own journey through fitness to hard work and determination, and feels a sense of gratitude in the fact that others are able to look at how far she has come and then find the motivation to continue their journey alongside her. “I always like to remind people that I have been knocked down so many times,” she shares. “Especially being a black, curvy woman in fitness because you don’t look around and see that representation.” 

With over 10 years of fitness training and coaching experience under her belt, she shares tips for those looking to begin a fitness journey of their own. 


Green encourages beginners to ditch the diet mindset and just get started. Rather than coming in with expectations of losing weight and achieving a certain look, move away from that wording and choose affirmations of positivity instead. While having a certain size to work towards is allowed, it should not be your main focus. Instead, prioritizing what BODi refers to as your “Health Esteem,” rather than your self-esteem, allows for you to be in alignment with your goals rather than trying to meet them. “You have to start looking forward and focus on your body, your Health Esteem. And you’ve got to flex your Health Esteem — which is loving who you are, right where you are. So you can focus on the person you’re becoming.”

Exercise should be your highest form of self-love – at least according to Green. Shifting your mindset lets your body know that fitness can be fun. However, Green reiterates that finding a greater love for yourself through your workout is the most important thing. “That’s why it is so important to shift the conversation to focusing away from how much we weigh, what pant size we are, what our body type looks like, or comparing ourselves to anybody else, but just focusing on our health because that is when it becomes our highest form of self-love.”

“Move away from saying “I’ll be happy when,” because happiness should not be dependent on size and physical results.” 

Green states that this shift in mindset plays a key role to becoming the best version of yourself that you are working on. Happiness and healthiness above all else is the mantra Green wants all beginners to remember as they begin their journey into fitness. 

Green recommends that physical activity should be done 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week and her programs (i.e. For Beginners Only on BODi) are designed to be just that, beginner-friendly, to follow along with! 


“Another tip I want beginners to remember is the Principle of Progression,” says Green. Progress is not linear, nor can it be seen immediately. Results take time to show on the body and going too hard too fast can be asking for an injury. “You don’t go from lifting two pounds to fifty pounds overnight. That’s just not how it goes, and it’s the same in life,” she says. 

When it comes to concepts such as strength training and gaining muscle mass, there must be somewhat of an understanding in the science behind it – which is a topic Green feels that beginners should be educated on. “You’re progressing little by little … about two pounds a week, or whatever works for you, and in a place that works for you.”

Progression happens when you will begin to, not only see the results, but feel them too. 

The benefits that come from a healthy relationship with working out are endless. Once you are committed to a program or a routine that works for you, those goals become that much easier to reach. Green highlights the notable pay offs to be: improved sleep, more energy, better mood, and increased flexibility and mobility


Representation in the fitness world is important, while comparing your progress to others is a mindset many have. Beginning your journey becomes easier when you feel included and are part of a community that is dedicated to lifting you up – something Green prides herself in providing. 

Her Instagram is testament to this.

Green reiterates that beginners need to find a way to use their energy for themselves! 

“Everyone’s bodies are different, therefore the way our bodies use energy is different as well,” she points out. 

This is not an easy notion to obtain and takes time to fully reach, but Green assures the journey is worth it. “I believe staying focused and surrounding yourself with people that love you and that are going to support you and lift you up will help you greatly on your journey,” she explains. “Avoid those distractions and envision yourself at the finish line while surrendering to the process and let yourself accept the journey – and remember, the professional was once the beginner.”

Lacee Green’s program is open to any beginner who is ready to embark on their fitness journey. For more information visit bodi.com or check out her Instagram.

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