Try this if meditation isn’t your thing

Decrease burnout from the work week and Increase your self-awareness with these simple hacks.

Aesthetically, meditation during the day when you’re overwhelmed with what your work has piled onto you seems like the thing to do – right? I’m sorry, but I’m a 31-year-old working adult, and it didn’t work. For those who can’t catch the meditation wave, try these simple tricks to get your mind, body, and soul on track. If nothing below works, I suggest a quick pow-wow with your Dr.


My father does this throughout the day for everything: stress and clarity, and uses it as a great tool to center himself. Connecting to your breathing has been scientifically proven to calm the nervous system. A good trick to try when you’re simply over it is to inhale deep through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Try until your heart rate has slowed down and you feel a sense of clarity.


A lot of times, we distract ourselves instead of healing what’s wrong. I just had dinner with a good friend, and we both talked about how we don’t want our phones anymore and want something simpler, like the good old days. It’s been proven you get more work done when you aren’t connected to your phone. A lot of times, the news that we see on our phones can wear us down unintentionally; if you want a decrease in anxiety and a clearer mind, especially at work, try this.

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Walking is an excellent way to decrease anxiety, stress, and practically anything bothering you at the cost of nothing. It is one of those tools that can jump-start a great practice that I feel isn’t utilized enough. My Boyfriend and I walk together, and having a partner is another great tool; you can talk about whatever while getting your steps in. The benefits include clarity, decreased anxiety, and significant health benefits.


Does anyone feel like cleaning, as an adult, is super therapeutic? I sure do. It’s been studied and proven that a clean space will boost your start of the day. Sundays are always best for getting dirty with your week’s work clothes. Create a lengthy new playlist, head to your local Target for all your cleaning essentials, and let the healing begin. Our parents’ “Clean your room” line wasn’t as bad as we interpreted it.

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