Summer Trends We’ll Look Back on and Regret in 10 Years

No matter what year it is, summer is always a questionable time for fashion because it’s hot outside and dressing yourself is hard. Months later you look back on an outfit you put together, and think to yourself, “WTF was I thinking? Oh that’s right, my fan died in the middle of the night and I thought I had heatstroke. I wasn’t thinking.”

And I’m sorry to say, but 2017 fashion in general is not going to age well. Because it’s pretty much all YOLO fashion.

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See, this was the year that 2000s fashion came back with a vengeance. And 70s clothes. And 80s clothes. And actually, 90s clothes are still pretty cool too.

There’s not a lot of new stuff that’s going on, so if you’re being honest with yourself, then you already know you’re gonna look back and regret almost all of your trendy fashion choices in 10 years. Because all those trendy fashion choices have already embarrassed multiple generations of humans.

While the true list of summer trends we’ll look back on and regret could go on and on, we’ve limited our list to 7 things.

Let us know if you agree or disagree — and don’t get it twisted, we’re still gonna rock most of these. There’s no holding back when it comes to fashun!

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1. Fuckgirl slogan Ts


Remember how in the 2000s we all used to wear shirts that said stuff like, “Bling bling,” “Idaho? No U Da Hoe” and “Everyone loves a [insert your ethnicity here] girl”?

Yeah, it’s happening again, only this time instead of nonsensical phrases and corny dad jokes, we’re wearing f*ckgirl slogans like, “ghosting you” and “not your princess.” Actually, come to think of it, “ghosting you” is a nonsensical phrase. Never mind!

Having a logo on your clothing is one thing, but a slogan’s always gonna seem dated in a few years.

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2. Bermuda jorts


Jean shorts might be one of the most uncomfortable types of clothing in the history of fashion, but at least they look kinda cute when you wear them. So long as you’re standing motionless at a party, seeing as once you take one step or sit down, all hell’s gonna break through in your crotchal area.

While on the one hand, Bermuda shorts seem like a great solution to that problem, there’s one big problem.

There’s nothing cute about Bermuda shorts. Or cool.

Yeah, maybe if you have a Kardashian kurvy ass they’re flattering, but for the rest of us, they’re not.

3. Partially unbuttoned track pants

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It’s hard to go longer than a day without running into a pair of partially unbuttoned, or rather unsnapped, track pants on the street or on Instagram.

That cool girl who lives in your building is wearing them to the grocery store. That girl who really wants to seem cool is wearing them on dates so she can seem like she’s not too high maintenance. And the list could, and does, go on and on.

And while I appreciate the fact that this style is at least trying to do something cool with athleisure, there’s only so long that trend has to go before we realize it’s not a great look to be walking around in glorified gym clothes everywhere.

4. Pointy ass sunglasses / brightly colored sunglasses

There are a LOT of sunglass trends we’re going to look back on and cringe, and these sunglasses are a prime example.

Not only are they pointy af, but they’re also a bright blue color.

There’s a reason why season after season, rounded sunglasses in blacks and nudes never go out of style.

It’s fun to look at the world with blue-shaded glasses you could use to poke somebody’s eye out if you needed to, but are they timeless?


5. Wedgie bikinis


While it’s all fine and good to flaunt it while you got it, we’re probably not gonna fondly remember the summer when we willingly hiked up our bathing suit bottoms and walked around with a perpetual wedgie just to look cool.

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6. See-through pants


See-through everything has been very in this year.

Dresses, tops, bodysuits, bras – you name it, and hundreds of people have bought it.

So it was only a matter of time before that trend went all the way downtown.

Let’s just say it’s a choice.

7. Corsets over tops.

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The Kardashians made this trend pop off, and now it’s everywhere.

Yes, it’s flattering and a great way to wear a baggy shirt while reminding the world that you have a waist line, but just like we thought it was kinda weird when the Kardashians first started wearing them last year, we’ll think it’s weird again in a couple of years.

But that being said, for right now all these trends couldn’t be any trendier, so there’s nothing wrong with rocking them this summer.


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