Kendall Made Nips & a Corset Look Classy for Daytime

Somebody give Kendall Jenner a medal because this 21-year-old just figured out a question that’s been stumping thots of all ages for years now.

How to make nips and a corset look classy for the daytime.

Or at least classy enough.

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After wearing fanny packs for three days in a row, Kendall decided it was time to make a 180 before she accidentally triggered early menopause for herself.

So on Saturday she hit the streets of New York in a sheer little sundress with a piece of fabric that looks like a corset on vacation.

It’s there, but it’s not doing any work to cinch that waist.

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6/3/17: Kendall out and about in New York City – #kendalljenner

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And she accessorized this whole kit and kaboodle with a teensy pink fur purse and hoop earrings so big you could fit your entire fist through them.



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And just in case any hater out there said she was abandoning god with her look, Kendall even threw on a little religious-looking pendant.

@kendalljenner in the 1SM Necklace + a personal charm ❤️ #bagatiba #kendalljenner

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Like I said earlier, somebody give this girl a medal.

And if you wanna take your daythot-wear to the next level, here’s what you need to buy so you can copy Kenny’s hot look.


A little bit baby doll, a little bit hot to thot.

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Unlike Kendall, most of us want our corsets to help us out in the waist department, so we took the liberty of picking an oversized white corset that’s not gonna leave you high and dry while it orders another Mai Tai.

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And this one is even on sale for less than $20!

Buy it here. 

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