Show Everyone You’re a Fuckgirl With These Slogan Tees

Sometimes, just being a fuckgirl isn’t enough.

You need everyone to know that you don’t put up with guys’ bullshit, you have sex on the first date if you want to, and you’ll twerk at the club to some gangster rap like it’s nobody’s business.

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Thankfully, graphic tees are back (rhinestone graphic tops, too), and unlike the ones you wore in the 2000s that said “princess” and “troublemaker,” these are a lot more fun and definitely wouldn’t have passed your middle school dress code.

Here are some fuckgirl slogan tops, because how else are you supposed to prepare for summer? This is your season bb!

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O-Mighty “Anyway I Wanna Fuck” Tank, $42

O-Mighty has a million and one t-shirts perfect for the fuckgirl, but a true fuckgirl will steer clear of the wannabe hard shirts that say “savage” and instead go for something a little more raunchy – like this ‘lil number.

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These Americans Alpha Female Tee, $38

It’s kind of like a pin-up tee, but feminized. These Americans has tons of dope graphic tees like this one that you can wear oversized with caged over-the-knee boots to let the boys know what’s up.


not-ur-princess-forever-galore copy

Forever 21 Not Your Princess Lace Hem Tee, $15

You’re not his princess, not his bb girl, and most importantly – not his girlfriend! This tee has a very 2000s inspired lace trim on the bottom as an added bonus.

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O-Mighty “You Look Like You Have a Small Dick” Baby T, $44

Another O-Mighty zinger, but it’s written so small that randos on the street will probs not notice the vulgarity – or they’ll just stop and stare at your tits. Either way, YOLO.



Forever 21 Sequined Feminist Mesh Top, $12

Okay, some feminist tees are a little boring and overdone, but this one is so cute and dope. What a perfect way to remind everyone that you can thot around, love dick, and still be a feminist!



I’m Probably Ghosting You Long Sleeved Tee, $50

Is this a little extra? Yes. Are you going to wear it anyways? Of course.



Forever 21 Embroidered Bye Graphic Tee, $12

Wear your heart on your sleeve… or, your chest.



Illustrated People No No No Hoodie, $58

With this sweatshirt, you won’t even have to respond to all the cat callers or losers asking for your number, you can just stand in front of them until they get the memo – then dip.

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