Buy a Rhinestone Graphic Top Before Everyone Else Does

The 2000s are back and better than ever. We’ve welcomed the jean skirt and the Juicy tracksuit with open arms, but now that thot season is upon us we’re ready to embrace an even more fun throwback trend: the rhinestone graphic top.

Rhinestones will 4ever be our faves, but something about them spelling out “Baby girl” or “Hottie” on a tube top makes them even more fun.

This trend is still in its baby stages, so it’s not yet being sold at Missguided and Boohoo yet (although we’re sure it will be soon). Here’s where you can snag this iconic style right now, and if you’re not keen on these, you can always DIY your own on a rainy weekend.

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1. The “Not Your Baby”


Jaded London Bandeau Top With Rhinestone, $32

Sure, this top says “baby,” but the fact that it’s black makes it less girly and more cheeky. Even if you don’t want to go all rave bb with disco shorts like this model, the top would look great with some baggy jeans and a choker.

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2. The Luda Stan


O-Mighty Move Bitch Velvet Tank $48

Ludacris lyrics, on a velvet crop top, in rhinestones. How much more beautiful and 2000s could this be? Keep in mind, these velvet tops don’t stretch so great (trust me, I have one), so definitely stick with your regular size or consider going a size up.

3. The Juicy Girl

Juicy Couture For UO Gothic Crystal Jersey Knit Tube Top, $32

Did you ever think you’d see the day that you’d actually be able to afford a Juicy top that wasn’t hidden among the racks at Marshall’s with the tag cut in half? Me neither. But, alas, you have a real job now and Juicy has miraculously gotten less pricey. I know matching with your squad isn’t cool anymore, but like, we at the Galore office might each buy one in a different color.

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4. The Custom Made Princess


Adriana Sahar Princess Spaghetti Strap Top, $44

If you’re not going to DIY your own rhinestone tank, there’s another way to guarantee you don’t blend in with everyone else once this trend pops off – buy from an independent designer. Adriana Sahar makes the dopest clothes and they’re all custom made. This “princess” rhinestone top comes in four colors – so pick your poison. Oh, and feel free to buy me the red snakeskin print pants while you’re at it!

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