How To Rock Baggy Pants Without Looking Tragique

You may have noticed that skinny jeans, while still a basic (the good kind of basic), are no longer the go-to lewk these days.

If you’re trying to be more trend-conscious or fashiony, you’ll opt for something a little kookier and less bodycon. Like, maybe some ripped up gauchos, or some baggy pants.

Baggy pants, while comfy af, don’t always make you feel super sexy or stylish. But that probably just means you’re not wearing them right.

Here are some tips for how to rock out with a pair of low-rise, wide-legged bad boys while feeling like the baddest bitch in the room.

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1. Thot on Top


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Fashion is all about balance. And if your pièce de résistance is a pair of low-rise baggy pantalones, you’re going to probably want to go tight and small up top. Some people can pull off the baggy on baggy look, but others don’t want to leave the house looking amorphous and like a bro. Instead, use the non-thotty pants as an excuse to go extra thotty on top. Rock a lacy bra like this one and a silk kimono like Hailey, or try a crop top with a body chain.

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2. Belt It Out

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If you don’t feel like baring your belly, another option is to try a pantsuit with wide legs, or a top that can be belted. Just make sure not to lose your waist, which is where a belt comes in.

3. Monochrome It

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The key to making your outfit look fashun in 2017? Just wear all one color. You’ll never have to worry if your outfit matches, and you’ll immediately gain style cred for your baggy pants AND one-hued ‘fit. A fur coat can also make anything look runway ready.

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4. Werk Those Lower Abs

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We’re traumatized too, but you can’t deny that lower abs are back in town. In fact, the whole baggy pants and lower abs look is so Britney in the early 2000s that it fits perfectly into all the other resurfacing naughties trends. We’re sure your summer bod is already on fleek, so might as well show it off while you can.

5. Make Sure Your Shoes Are The Perf Height

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What shoes do you wear with baggy pants? Well, it kind of depends on the length of your pants. If your pants are dragging on the ground and you don’t want to get them hemmed, opt for heels, but you need to be careful. You don’t really want your shoes to show too much, unless maybe it’s the peep of a pointed closed toe pump or a maybe some toes sticking out. Platform sneakers can also work.

Otherwise, flats are great. You can rock some slides, or maybe even some sneakers. The possibilities are kind of endless, and while having your shoes not show can make your legs look super long, peeping your toes can also break up the look. The only thing you should probably avoid are super chunky shoes, or super high heels with pants that only hit at your ankles.

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