Hasan Piker Knows How to Spot a Guy Who’s Being Woke to Get Laid

Like most things that start out with good intentions, the woke movement has kind of taken a turn for the worst. Instead of people taking the time to educate themselves and others on WTF is going on, it’s turned into a contest of who can drag the most non-PC people on Twitter or who can share the most political memes.

And if the woke movement had an OG poster boy, it’d be Hasan Piker.

Hasan Piker is manly enough to get bros to listen to him, and hot enough to get the girls who otherwise keep quiet about politics to share his content on their Facebook pages. Plus, he makes videos, which we all know is way easier for young people to take interest in than anything involving reading.

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Many times, the girls sharing his videos for The Young Turks accompany the links with captions like, “I need a man like this,” or “murder my pussy, daddy.” Just your typical endorsements.

And guys are taking notice. In fact, just like having shaggy hair and a skateboard was lady bait in the early 2000s, being woke is a way to win over many women in 2017 (except for those with shitty blonde dye jobs, of course).

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But how can you know if that cute guy you met at The Women’s March actually subscribes to feminist ideas, or if he simply is putting on a woke persona in attempts to drown in pussy?

Well, we asked Hasan Piker, naturally.

Hasan is well aware that the woke movement has taking an interesting turn, but he figures it’s better to have people spreading positive messages in general, even if it’s to be “trendy.”

“I often find myself conflicted about exposing certain aspects of people or even ad campaigns that try to use ‘woke culture’ for self gain like selling Pepsi, or getting laid,” he says. “And reason for my internal conflict is: if someone or something is further spreading positive ideals like equality both among sexes and races — then it serves a utilitarian purpose right?”

He’s not wrong, but that doesn’t mean that person deserves to get in your pants. Here are a few pointers to sussing out the fake-woke bbs.

1. Stick To The Basics

Just like it’s easy to miss red flags when a guy has the body of Zac Efron, it can be easy to miss out on obvious clues when a guy is so woke it makes your panties drop. Don’t let that happen.

Don’t let his self-proclaimed adoration of bell hooks make you ignore the fact that he calls his ex “crazy” or says he could “never date a girl that goes clubbing.”

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“I think one major red flag to look out for is how he treats you and others, and I don’t mean just other women,” says Hasan. “As much as this ‘woke’ branding is now largely being used to push products in the wake of this Conscious Capitalist movement, men have been doing everything in their power to get laid for centuries and that ranges from lying about our salaries/job description to behaving differently around women.”

Translation: look for the same things you would in any guy you meet. Hasan suggests simply asking yourself, “is he a nice person?”

2. If It’s Overboard, It’s Probably BS

“An overwhelming show of anything on social media is usually masking something, often times the opposite thing,” says Hasan. Think about it like the couple that’s overwhelmingly ‘in love’ with one another on social media… in my experience the ones who go out of their way to publicize how happy they are, are usually the ones who are the least happy.”

And he’s so right. In fact, studies have proven it.

Naturally, this same theory can be applied to guys (or anyone, for that matter) who dedicate their social media to proving just how “woke” they are. Like, if you were really that woke, wouldn’t you maybe be going out and doing shit instead of posting about it on social media?

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Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind when evaluating a potential boo.

“Some of us who grew up in the digital age use this as another opportunity to spread their message and put their work in front of a larger audience, I am of course referring to myself,” notes Hasan.

3. An Ultra-Woke Bro Is Not Necessarily Better Than a Conservative Guy

Hasan has previously spoken to us about why you shouldn’t rule out a conservative guy completely from your dating roster, and why he’s been known to date conservative women. So naturally, I asked him if he too believes that an overly woke guy can be just as bad as a conservative guy in terms of bae material.

“An overly woke dude is absolutely capable of being just as bad for a girl as an overly conservative dude,” he says.

Obviously, this is a bit of a loaded question, and Hasan admits that while he of course prefers ultra-progressives to the alt-right, he doesn’t necessarily agree with everything the far-left people believe in.

“I guess both sides promote intolerant behavior to some extent, the far-left is intolerant to the intolerant, the far-right is intolerant to progress and changing of values.”

True that. Honestly, the thing about being too woke is that you can’t really have any fun. Like, imagine if you dated a super woke-bae who you couldn’t even make jokes with without getting scolded? Or if he was so “feminist” he insisted always splitting the bill and refused to spoil his lady because he doesn’t want to “treat her like an object”?

Sure, conservative guys can suck, but sometimes they’re only conservative because they don’t know anything about politics that they didn’t learn from their parents, and you can show them the light!

Besides, it’s way better than dating a guy who’s woke on social media but whack IRL.

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