The 6 types of thong bikinis taking over the beach this summer

We saw this trend coming back in January when suddenly every celeb started wearing wedgie bikinis, but exposed butt cheeks are the hottest celeb swim trend this season.

The Kardashians are doing it, Bella Hadid’s doing it, and even newbies to the scene like Ariel Winter are doing it.

And surprisingly, there are quite a few varieties of thong swimsuits to that are storming the beaches from Normandy to Miami.

Here are some of the biggest — well, smallest — types you’ll see on the beach this summer.

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1. The string bean


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

The string bean is for advanced thong-wearers only.

There’s no extra fabric to hide behind and more than any other thong bikini, this is the one that looks the most like underwear.

So kudos to your bravery, young day thotter.


Yandy Pink Cut-Out Bikini $16.95

2. The side tie

May 28: #BellaHadid on a yacht in Monaco.

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The side tie is another advanced thot thong.

It’s basically just as skimpy as the string bean, but since it’s also holding on to your curves by just a simple knot, it’s somehow even thottier.

Live your life, girl.


Yandy Two Piece Thong Bikini $26.95, Yandy micro thong bikini bottm $14.95

3. The modesty thong

con mi esposa 🌴

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Not all of us are comfortable to walk around with an centimeter of fabric covering our Netherlands, so for the exhibitionist who’s still holding a little something back, god invented this modesty thong.


Yandy Strapless Houndstooth Bikini Bottom $19.95

4. The wedgie

My new single #MoBounce is officially out now!! Link in bio!

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Wearing a thong is always gonna be like having a wedgie, but you have to imagine the pain is even worse when it’s hiked up above your hip bone.

At least it looks good on Instagram, right?


Yandy American Flag Bikini Bottoms $5.98-$7.98

5. The borderline bikini cut

Summer 17 🌹

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If you’re on the fence about getting your thong thong thong thong thong on, this is the style for you.

It technically covers a couple centimeters of your ass cheek, but it’s it still exposes plenty of crack.

Pip pip and cheerio.


Yandy Braided Tropical Chevron Bikini Bottom, $13.95

6. The one piece

Kendall + Kylie Swim Exclusively @revolve SHOP NOW #revolvexkkswim (Link in bio)

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Thongs aren’t just for bikinis, baby.

You can get your thot on AND cover your midriff.



Yandy Black Ruffled Thong Back One Piece Swimsuit $50.95, Plunging Knotted Monokini $33.95

Happy summer, fam.

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