SK8 ain’t worried about it

Sk8 is a perfect example of a rapper making it happen in the internet era.

He started getting attention from hanging in a circle with some of his friends who happened to be big Vine stars, and once people heard his music (and saw how hot he was) he started getting attention for his own projects.

He’s originally from Nebraska, but besides his cute southern drawl you’d never guess he wasn’t a native LA bb.

We talked with Skate about dating in the public eye, how to get a rappers’ attention at a show, and what’s next for him.

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What was your big break – how did that happen?

I never really had a big break, everything has happened over time with a lot of patience. I had a bunch of friends who just happened to be some of the biggest Viners, and they helped promote my music. Even though we were all gaining fans at the same time, the fans always saw me as the “music guy,” so I knew I just needed to get better at my craft.

Do you think the death of Vine had a big impact? Or has it all moved to Instagram?

I think Vine crashing definitely made people focus on all the other social media platforms, but so many people had so many real fans on Vine, that their other socials were gaining followers too. When you have real fans, they follow you on every account you have.

Have you used dating apps? 


Why not?

Never really saw the point, I’ve never been that desperate…

How can a girl get your (or any rapper’s) attention at a show?

I have a girl now, so my attention has changed up a bit. But I’ve always been attracted to confidence, so I would say any girl who doesn’t try to get my attention has the best chance.

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What’s the inspiration behind your new track?

“Ain’t Worried Bout It” was really just how I was feeling at the time. I didn’t want to be bothered with any business or drama, or anything at all.

What’s something girls do that you’ll never understand?

Pretend like they’re not hungry, when they know they are.

Because you have so many female fans, when you post a pic with a girl she gets attacked in the comments. Why do you think this happens?

I love all my fans, especially my female fans. For the most part my fans all interact together and are accepting of each other. I don’t really see much bullying in my comments, but bullying ain’t cool anyway, so I wouldn’t take it lightly.

Do you refrain from tagging girls in your photos so they don’t get attacked by your fans?

Nah I post what I want, my real fans don’t attack each other.

Does it bother your girlfriend? Does she read the comments?

We have a lot of trust and loyalty in our relationship. She’s my best friend, so she doesn’t trip about the comments. We both get weird comments, so we’re used to it. If anything we’ll laugh at them together sometimes.

Smoking weed is a big part of your brand, did you always rap about weed a lot?

Weed has been a part of my lifestyle for a minute now, and I rap about my life. So it’s definitely been a part of my brand for a while. I’m moving away from it though, just because I’m growing up and want different things for my image that best represent who I am now.

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Has your inspiration changed from when you started rapping to now?

I get inspired daily. My inspirations come from almost anything, it just depends on what I’m looking for. I’ve grown a lot since when I first started, so my perspective has changed for sure. But I’m always inspired by everything around me.

What else are you working on?

Just perfecting my sound, learning the business, and working on myself. My fans are the greatest and they always support me. I’m really fortunate to have that, so I want to give them and myself the best music possible as I owe it to them. Just look out for some big records, shows and tour runs, and more music.

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