The most absurd places people have accidentally brought their weed

People often find themselves in awkward situations, but when you add weed into the mix it’s a new level of catastrophe. And whether you smoke or not, tales of weed woe are going to be a joy ride for you.

If you’ve ever indulged in pot you know that it mellows you out — and makes you kind of forgetful. You just can’t remember what you did with something, but instead of worrying about it you just go to sleep and pretend it never existed.

If America’s Funniest Videos taught us anything, it’s that we find other people’s misfortune to be hilarious. I searched far and wide to get you the absolutely most mind-boggling and gut wrenching confessions. This is a story time you don’t want to miss.

Best mom award

“I was walking into court for my hearing, I was just about to walk through the metal detectors when I looked down and saw my freshly bought 1/8 just chilling at the top of my purse along with my bowl. I immediately dart outside to the car to hide and rid my purse of all illegal nonsense, when my mom all of a sudden follows me out to the car and starts asking me what I’m doing. I explain the situation to her, she gets straight in the car, drives home, comes back and gives me a thumbs up across the courtroom.” – Taylor

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Might as well

“I got through airport security with ease, that’s what makes this crazy for me. It’s when I sat down in my seat on my flight and went into my sweatshirt pocket that I realized I still had my G-pen. I could have sworn I left it in the car when I parked. We end up taking off and I couldn’t fall asleep so I went into the bathroom and ripped my pen a few times because at this point I might as well get away with murder. I slept like a baby and woke up in paradise.” – Amy

Wrong graduation

“My brother was graduating from the Police Academy, my whole family was there, after the ceremony ended we were all taking pictures. My brother wanted a picture with one of his higher ups, I go to take the picture and the man goes ‘that’s an odd perfume you’re wearing,’ to me. At this point I was just offended thinking I smelt bad wearing my Marc Jacobs perfume, I really didn’t think anything of it I just thought he had awful taste. We all piled into the car to drive home, and I go to put my camera in my bag when I see three blunts staring me in the face. I almost MELTED.” – Jess

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I had to take the SATs twice

“The morning of the SATs is a nightmare on its own. I’m feeling rushed to eat food, but I just woke up five minutes ago and I’m nauseous. My mom is already in the car honking and I don’t even have underwear on yet. I ended up just grabbing my backpack and throwing everything in there before running out the door. I get dropped off at the school and I’m in my assigned classroom. I go to open my backpack and eat the lunch my mom packed for me when a gust of weed legit fills the classroom when I open it up. I forgot that I keep my stash in this little bag in the hidden zipper part of my bag. I was mortified people started sniffing the air, they had no idea where it came from though thank god. I ended up having to go to the bathroom and force myself to puke all over the floor so it looked like I was uncontrollably ill and needed to be sent home ASAP. My mom finally came to pick me up and the entire rest of the day she felt bad for packing deviled eggs as my lunch.” – Ingrid

The toilet is your best friend

“I was admitted into the ER the other week. I was in so much pain that I had to go straight there I couldn’t go home first. My friend drops me off and eventually I find out I have appendicitis. I had to go in for surgery and get it removed, I was there for a few days just to recover and rest. On the second day post surgery there was a herd of policemen going down the hallways. I would say at least five had dogs with them, I had no idea what was going on or why they were there but for some reason they were checking every room. I saw them go to the room two doors down directly across the hall and make their way to the next one. I couldn’t tell why I was so on edge, but I started beading sweat. Out of thin air I remembered that I had just picked up a half and it was in my bag on the floor. It was my best friend/dealer who had dropped me off. With everything I have, which was not a lot post-surgery, I force myself up, grab my bag and lock myself in the bathroom. I rip it open and start throwing it all in the toilet. I flush and it all goes down. I sit there and sigh some relief until a knock comes on the door. It’s one of the policemen saying they’re going room to room looking for a bomb because there was a threat and that I need to come out. As soon as he left my room I told the nurse I was out of there.” – Jasmine

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This tree is fake but it’ll do

“I was on my way to an awesome vacation, me and all my friends were tackling the airport together, we were quickly approaching TSA when I took my hat off and a joint was sitting there at the bottom of it. I quickly thought on my feet and ditched the joint into this fake potted tree that was close to line. I was super discreet but kind of hid it. Anyways, I come back from the trip a week later and saw the tree on my way out of the airport, I look and see that the joint is still there. I grabbed that puppy and had home welcoming gift.” – Mollie

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