Here are the top 10 celebs guys want girls to look like

Guys don’t know WTF they want. They slut-shame Kim Kardashian for her sex tape and for having “no talent,” but then Google her nudes for their spank bank and search for her doppelgangers out in the wild.

And we’re not just hypothesizing about that, guys really do look for Kim K lookalikes to wife up, just ask Badoo.

What’s Badoo? It’s a dating app that has recently launched a feature to help their users find new baes that look like anyone they lust after – from their favorite model to their high school crush. The app uses facial technology, so even if it’s not a well-known celebrity, Badoo will do their best to find a doppelganger.

So, which celebs are guys most hoping to find a lookalike for? According to the app, these are the top 10 women that dudes search for.

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1. Kim Kardashian

If you thought Kimmy wasn’t going to make this list just because she’s leaning in to her mommy role these days, you’re wrong af.

2. Beyonce

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Not sure what guys like more about Beyonce, the fact that she’s hot af, or that there’s a good chance she’ll probably stay with them after they cheat on her.

3. Selena Gomez


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Selena Gomez is a known hot commodity among the old men of the world, but looks like younger guys have a “fetish” for her too – hopefully.

4. Kylie Jenner

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Considering how many dudes have written songs about finding their own Kylie Jenner, this is unsurprising.

5. Emma Stone

Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come ✨

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Do you think guys just searched for Emma Stone because they’re dying to bang a redhead and this is the easiest way to go about it? Because same.

6. Jennifer Lawrence


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J. Law is the ultimate chick that can hang, and she’s got a great bod. Of course dudes are searching far and wide for someone similar.

7. Kendall Jenner


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Kendall’s been trying to amp up her game and stop being the least overtly sexy sister, and it appears to be working!

8. Serena Williams

Just because

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Nothing like a bombshell who can also probably kick your ass in any sport you wanna play her in!

9. Ariana Grande

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I think any guy would be down for Ari to lick their donut, TBH.

10. Simone Biles

National Bikini Day ✨

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Simone Biles is goals and we’re happy that guys can see that. You go Glen Coco.

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