Does it mean anything when a guy stays over post hook-up? Sources say no

Among the people trying to have sex in the mall and wondering if they’re allowed to get mad at their boyfriend for liking another girl’s Instagram pic, Galore’s Google search terms are filled with girls wondering if it “means” anything that a guy stayed over after sex.

I think it can be safely assumed that the “meaning” they’re hoping for is that if a guy sleeps over, it means he wants to spend more time with you, he sees you as bae material, etc. Or you know, that he’ll actually acknowledge you next time he sees you at the bar, that’d be nice.

Unfortunately, the only thing a guy sleeping over post-hookup is guaranteed to “mean” is that he’s tired and not a raging asshole (but he could still be a regular asshole, just saying).

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“Let’s put it this way. It doesn’t mean nothing,” said one guy we asked, very eloquently.

Other guys said that their general hope was that they could spend the night together, but both dip out in the morning.

“[It] means I was tired after [sex and] didn’t want to get up,” said another guy. “First eye blink in the morning, be gone.”

How sweet!

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But seriously, you really shouldn’t be trying to extract meaning from his choice to let you sleep over after sex. What’s his other option? Kicking you out? If you’ve ever hooked up with a guy who does that, I hope you kicked him to the curb ASAP.

Honestly, have our standards for the way guys treat women gotten so low that we’re trying to take him not kicking us out after sex as a sign he wants to be our boyfriend? Come on, guys!

“If you kick a girl out in the middle of the night, you’re either an asshole or better be busy the next morning,” said Dave, 28. “Plus [it’s] dumb af because cuddling is great and everyone knows morning sex is where it’s at.”

He’s not wrong about the morning sex. And didn’t we already teach you that guys are psychopaths who love cuddling with strangers? They secretly love cuddling and will probs cuddle with any girl they get in their bed. Don’t take it as a sign he wants to meet your parents or whatever. He could be using you for cuddles just like you used him for his dick and conveniently located apartment.

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And even if he doesn’t necessarily like cuddling or morning sex or whatever, there’s a good chance that if you’re hooking up with a rando at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night and he’d fall asleep on the sidewalk if that was his only option.

Don’t tell me you’ve never accidentally woken up at a dude’s house after too much drinking. Half the time you don’t even know his name, let alone want to wife him up. You sleeping over doesn’t mean anything except that you were piss drunk and sleepy.

“I’m usually exhausted after [sex] and need to just lay across something and die — which leads to passing out anyway,” said Kyle, 23. “So, [I’m] probably just too lazy to go through the awkwardness of kicking anyone out…[it] doesn’t mean anything.”

Well, there you have it. Literally every guy we spoke to, including ones that we didn’t put into this article, said it doesn’t mean jack shit if they stay over, or if they let you stay over, whatever.

Sorry, but like most relationship questions, if you have to ask the internet, you probably already know the answer.

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