People who work in these industries are most likely to cheat with a colleague

Even after all the hacking and exposing shit that went down last year, Ashley Madison appears to still be up and running. Guess cheating on your spouse is a hot market to be in.

But what’s more likely than your boo hopping on Ashley Madison to chat up some bots is him accidentally-on-purpose getting drunk and making out with one of his co-workers at a Christmas party.

Unless, of course, he’s a freelance web developer and works from home, then he probs won’t be doing that.

But do you know what type of dude is pretty likely to hook up with a coworker? A guy that works in sales.

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And it makes sense, doesn’t it? He knows how to sell himself, he knows how to lie, and he can look you straight in the face with a smile and say, “This is going to be the best decision you’ll ever make.”

16.6% of people in sales and services said they’d hook up with a coworker. The second runner up was people working in trades, with 12.6% saying they’d be down to get naughty with a coworker.

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Corporate was next with 12% being down, and 9.1% of those in the medical field said they’d play doctor with a coworker (jk, they didn’t say that, but you know what I mean).

8% of construction workers were down to bang a coworker, which confuses us because we’re not sure how many women are in that industry, but break those glass ceilings or whatever.

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Obviously, this data was taken by people who are already cheating, so take it with a grain of salt – but we definitely think the sales thing is spot on, sorry ’bout it.

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