How to rock sweats to the club like Rihanna

Fashion is in a kind of crazy place right now, but it’s also in a really comfy place.

Sure, we have corset belts and PVC pants that are def not comfortable, but we’ve also declared sneakers acceptable for any occasion – from work to a black-tie event. Skintight dresses are kind of boring and basic these days, but fashion kweens like Rihanna is rocking track pants to the club. Even King Kylie chooses to rock oversized athleisure when she’s not stunting in a thong bikini.

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Athleisure isn’t a new trend, but it’s really peaking right now. Edgy girls don’t have to settle for more basic brands like LuLuLemon or PINK, and you can rock a track jacket without looking like you’re going to hit yoga class later that day.

Girls like Rihanna and your BFF who’s an Instagram model aren’t the only girls who can rock sweats to the club and still look like the most fashion forward person there – you can too! Here’s how.

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Get a piece with some glam


It’s one thing to make your high school uniform club-appropriate – and honestly if you can do that we applaud you – but it’s a lot easier to just buy a comfy piece that still has some style appeal.

Take this leopard print crewneck sweatshirt, for example. Leopard just screams glam, in my opinion anyways. It says, “I know I’m bad and I know I can still be bad while covering the goodies in an oversized sweatshirt.” It would also look great with one of those rhinestone chokers, just sayin’.

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Go monochrome


Converse Essentials Women’s Sweatpants, $65 Converse Chuck II High Leather High Top, $69 

The easiest way to make any trend look super fashion-y? Choose one color and stick to it. At least right now, monochrome is hawt. And it’s the perfect way to make your athleisure look intentional and not like you were trying to stay in that night and got dragged out in your Netflix watching uniform.

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I personally have a little bit of a red obsession and I am foaming at the mouth thinking of these bright red sweatpants paired with these sneakers. You should buy these, but only after I buy them so that they don’t sell out in my size. These pants would also look great with heels for a juxtaposed lewk.

Add one thotty element


Converse Perforated Metallic Nylon Shorts, $45 Metallic Nylon Jacket, $74

Another fool-proof style trick when pulling off a not so sexy trend is to incorporate one thotty element. It can be more overt – like wearing a bra with low-rise sweats – or it can be more subtle, like throwing a choker on with an XL t-shirt dress.

If you’re really looking to bark up the trend tree, you could wear the above metallic shorts with the matching jacket, a bra top, some thigh high sandals, and truly slay all day.

Don’t skimp on footwear


Converse All Star Metallic High Top, $50

The thing about DGAF style is you can’t actually not give a fuck, or else you’d throw on flip-flops with your sweats, and that would be tragique.

You don’t have to wear heels if you don’t want to (although it’s an easy way to dress up the look), but you still have to make sure your sneakers or slides stunt. You want it to look like you just threw a bunch of stuff from your closet on, but that everything in your closet is really, really cool. Ditch the basic sneakers and go for something that pops.

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