How to tell if your friend with DGAF style actually gives a f*ck

Trying too hard is never a good look, but once upon a time, being glam and fashionable was enviable.

You know, the babe in high heels, a bandage dress, perfect makeup, and pin-straight hair falling down her back – she was “goals,” even though you didn’t call it goals back then.

Today, the aversion to trying too hard has taken a steep turn. In fact, it’s “cooler” to look like you rolled out of bed than to look like you spent hours getting ready.

But obviously, you can’t actually roll out of bed and still look cool, nobody can do that. So instead, we have the rise of the gorgeous girl who looks like she DGAF – but clearly gives a fuck because (almost) nobody looks that good naturally.

We’re not shaming anyone here. In fact, it’s the opposite — what we’re saying is it’s okay to spend time on your hair and makeup. You don’t have to pretend you’re above caring about that stuff!

Here are some definite signs that your friend who “gives no fucks” actually gives a lot of them, at least when it comes to her chill girl aesthetic.

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1. She wears a full face with a sloppy bun and a men’s t-shirt

This is the biggest dead giveaway and the most common thing to spot – a girl with a sloppy updo, an oversized tee, and Adidas sneakers who still has her foundation, contour, and maybe even lashes on fleek.

There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing your makeup over your hair and outfit selection, just don’t lie and say, “Ugh I had no time to get ready, I’m such a mess!”

2. She wears messy hair that isn’t her natural texture

Curiously, your friend always seems to be rocking straight, slightly messy hair – but you happen to know that her natural hair is curly af. Maybe strangers can be fooled into think she woke up like that, but you know better – unless she slept on the hair that she pre-straightened the night before.

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3. She says she “doesn’t follow trends”

I’m sorry, but anyone who says they don’t follow trends is lying.

Following trends does not mean you’re stalking style blogs and fashion magazines and going out and buying all the stuff!

Goth girls who started wearing crop tops in 2011 (when crop tops resurfaced again) may have not though they were following trends, but they were. And tomboy girls who’ve made high-top Vans part of their uniform may not consider themselves fashionistas, but if they just recently bought Vans, they’re still following a trend.

If your friend makes a point to adamantly deny that she follows trends, she’s probably the biggest trend follower of all. After all, DGAF style is def a trend.

4. She makes you take a zillion selfies of her in her “trash” outfit

Remember when people would post pictures of themselves on Myspace and make the caption “lol I look so ugly here.” Yeah, your friend kind of still does that. She talks about how it’s laundry day and she threw on this garbage outfit, but then still makes you take a million pics of her for Instagram. If she really thought her outfit was so bad, why would she want to show it to more people?

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5. She claims she doesn’t wear makeup, but only stopped wearing makeup once she got eyelash extensions

Newsflash: you can’t make “not wearing makeup” a part of your brand if you’ve gotten eyelash extensions, lip injections, etc.

Nobody would wear bronzer if they had a fake-tan already, and nobody would wear mascara if they woke up with huge eyelashes. I swear some of my friends who used to spend two hours doing their face suddenly adopt a “holier than thou” attitude once they get eyelash extensions and are confident leaving the house sans makeup. All this means is that you care enough to spend 100s of dollars every few weeks on your eyelashes!

6. She spends an hour getting ready but looks like she rolled out of bed

This one is quite obvious, but something you would only know if you were a part of the getting ready process. Very sneaky.

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7. She’s a VIB member at Sephora

There is nothing wrong with wearing lots of makeup or spending lots of money on makeup if that’s your thing. But you can’t act like the DGAF queen if you spend half your paycheck at Sephora, sorry.

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