It’s all about DGAF hair right now but don’t throw away your hot tools

Nothing’s worse than looking like you’re trying too hard, especially in 2017.

The trends of the hour – whether in beauty or fashion – are all about looking like you DGAF. It’s oversized t-shirts and comfy sneakers and no-makeup makeup. And now, it’s also “I woke up like this” hair.

Princess Diana’s former stylist Sam McKnight sat down with W Magazine to talk cool girl hair, and this sentence sums it all up:

“Ideally, you want to look like you left the salon three days ago and have been riding around in an open-top car,” he says about a Farrah Fawcett inspired style he created for an editorial in W’s print edition.

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Gone are the days of perfectly straightened hair cascading around your Abercrombie popped collar, and you can also say buh-bye to perfectly symmetric ringlets. Like no-makeup makeup, cool girl hair isn’t about rolling out of bed with your Medusa waves, it’s about doing your hair enough that it looks good, but not so much that you can tell you spent an hour on it, got it?

“The trick to Cool Girl hair [Cool Girl is a product from his new line] is making it look like you haven’t even tried,” says Sam. “It’s the antithesis to done hair. An effortless, barely there texturiser that creates style that lasts all day.”

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Cool girl hair sounds easy, and sounds like you’ll save tons of time not worrying about straightening every single strand of your mane, but I personally think it’s actually really hard. Like, how do you make your hair look like you DGAF without actually making people wonder if you haven’t showered in multiple days?

Sadly, like most DGAF trends, the key is making sure your makeup is on point and that your clothes are also on point (but please don’t wear a bandage dress). Or, be a celebrity, somehow they always make it work out, but maybe that’s because they’re celebrities, so everybody knows they’d never leave the house with slightly messy hair if it wasn’t intentional.

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In the meantime, maybe this is the push you needed to embrace more of your natural hair and chill on damaging heat products? Or instead, spend three hours trying to find the balance between pin-straight and beach waves and burn all your hair off – the choice is yours!

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