If you love space buns, try these 3 new pigtail styles

Space buns were the most pinned hairstyle on Pinterest this year, which means they’ve sort of crossed the threshold to basic territory – although they’re still totally cute. But if you really want to take it a step further, you’ll rock some pigtails instead.

Even Miley, the poster child of space buns in recent years ever since her infamous VMA’s performance, has switched gears to pigtails. We’re not saying she invented space buns (okay? chill) just like we’re not saying she invented pigtails, but trends come and go, and if Miley and Kylie are any indicator, pigtails are popping back up for women that are no longer in pre-school.

Here are three ways to rock them for the summer to keep your hair out of your face – keeping cool while you look hawt.

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1. The Sleek Seductress

daddy’s day

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie really leans in to the little girl fantasy by wearing pigtails on Father’s Day – or, “daddy’s day,” but aside from that, her sleek pigtails are super cute.

She proves that you don’t have to have super long hair to rock them. In fact, it makes them look a little more sophisticated that they only reach slightly below her shoulders.

The perfectly straight and sleek style also makes the hairstyle – which is normally reserved for toddlers – look a bit more grown-up.

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2. The Pigsty

Coming Up! So Soon! #MileyOnFallon @fallontonight !!!! ❤️👧🏼❤️👧🏼❤️👧🏼

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Miley’s signature pigtails are basically the opposite of Kylie’s.

They’re very bedhead-esque and pulled high on the head with a little bit of hair left out in the front. This makes the style look even more little girl-ish, especially with the outfit she’s rocking on Jimmy Fallon…but if you’re not trying to play into some dude’s little farm girl fantasies, wear a more grown up/non-thotty outfit.

Or, wear the pigtails lower, but still messy for a more chill and grown-up look.

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3. The Halfsies Space Buns

watch out for her silence

A post shared by Camila Cabello (@camila_cabello) on

Like we said, space buns are out there and we all know about them. But Camila, along with others, have been doing this whole “hey I can rock space buns, but I also have long ass hair” thing. Granted, to get this look you either have to have super thick hair or extensions on deck. But you can’t deny that it’s ca-yute!

Aside from potentially the half-up space buns, the other styles haven’t really made their way to the non-celeb/influencers yet – you could be the first! Go get ’em, tiger – or should I say piggy?

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