Where all your favorite Insta girls get their cute fitness gear

Thanks to the wonders of athleisure, workout gear isn’t only worn for working out nowadays. You can totally rock a cute sports bra and a tennis skirt and make it a day drink lewk, and don’t even get us started on bike shorts.

Whether you’re looking for some non-boring clothes for your weekly sweat sesh that don’t say “PINK” across the butt, or you’re just looking for cute sports bras to wear to class, here are some under the radar fitness brands that will have you standing out and looking fab.

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1. Touché LA

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Influencers are obsessed with Touché LA’s matching sets, and it’s probably because the brand is minimalist yet sexy. Perfect for posing nonchalantly with detox teas, and perfect for people who never want to wear a workout top and are totes cool with just a sports bra.

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2. SukiShufu

If you ever had the desire to wear leather to the gym, SukiShufu is the next best thing. Their sparkly, coated leggings look like faux-leather, and they actually stay on during whatever intense workout you decide to do (trust me, I own a pair). Their sports bras are equally fashun – with leopard velour and faux-leather straps. Honestly, if you’re the type of person who wears leggings on the daily, might as well invest in a pair that doesn’t look like it belongs in the gym.

3. Alo Yoga

Jen Selter’s been spotted in Alo Yoga’s black lace-up leggings, but she didn’t tag them, which means she wasn’t paid to post pictures of her wearing their stuff. Instead, her rabid fans discovered where her leggings were from and left their knowledge for other wannabe fitness bloggers in the comments.

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4. Strut This

The vixon bra, we think your summer workout needs this #summer workout #strutthis

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It’s unclear how functional some of these sports bras are for high intensity workouts, but they are adorable and can def make the cut for yoga. And if you’re wanting some camo but don’t want to deal with the Kylie fiasco, try their leggings on for size.

5. Purusha People

If you follow any “mermaid girls,” you’re sure to have seen some Purusha People merch on your feed. Their vibe is definitely very mermaid, unicorn, rave baby vibes – but for a yogi, obvi.

6. Black Milk

Speaking of rainbow fairy vibes, Black Milk is the OG. They originally grew a fanbase from their latex-look leggings (way before the Kardashians were making it trendy), and have since expanded into active wear. The pieces sell out quickly, especially when they do a special collection with a popular franchise (they’ve done Harry Potter and Marvel in the past) – but their activewear pieces are a bit more low-key and won’t have Comic Con nerds hitting on you – hopefully.

7. BuffBunny

BuffBunny is the brand created by fitness blogger Heidi Somers. The pieces are cute, in trendy colors, and actually affordable. Seriously, the gym shorts are $30! Also, if you find something you like, you can just buy it in a zillion colors. So that’s lit.

8. Gymshark

Gymshark is totally one of those brands that got big off of Instagram and influencers, but their shit is actually pretty cute. Some of it is definitely more for fitness “bloggers” rather than people who actually want to use the gym, because who can comfortably work out in a V-neck sports bra? But the other stuff is totally do-able.

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