Rihanna Went Clubbing in a Glorified Juicy Sweatsuit

Good news lazy girls, Rihanna says it’s okay to wear sweatsuits to the club.

On Tuesday, Rihanna braved the rain to spend her night getting VIP bottle service from everybody’s favorite NYC hotspot Up&Down, but she couldn’t be bothered to squeeze her body into a freakum dress so instead, she just left the house in an outfit she could have been lounging around in all day for all we know.

Does this mean the Juicy Couture sweatsuit revival the Kardashian-Jenners have been trying to make happen for a year now is finally happening?

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Everything Rihanna wears eventually trickles down into the fast fashion universe — even assless chap boots and this horrible shade of green.

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Sure, Juicy Couture sweatsuits seemed tacky back in 2007, but in retrospect, they’re a whole lot less offensive than half of the monstrosities we used to pass off as fashion statements.

And unless you just turned 21 and have an endless list of promoters vying for the honor of taking care of you, going to the club is kind of awful.

Literally, the only thing to make spending all night shouting over music, buying overpriced drinks, and having to make small talk with fuckboys sound remotely appealing is the thought of being able to do all that while wearing glorified pajamas.

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Plus you know all the girls wearing micro mini dresses are going to be super jealous when you show up to steal their men wearing this:

Sweatsuits are the best thing to possibly happen to going out attire in 2017.

Thanks, Rihanna.

We owe you for this one.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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