Kylie Jenner Is Bringing Back Juicy Couture Sweatsuits

As fashion continues to creep toward a probably misguided embrace of 2000s fashion, all signs keep pointing to a major revival of the Juicy Couture sweatsuit.

First the ever-influential although increasingly out of touch magazine Vogue asked the question, “Is it time to bring back the Juicy Couture Velour tracksuit?” then Kim K shared a TBT post on her app about how obsessed she was with Juicy back in the day, and now her younger sister Kylie is using her influence to make damn sure matching velour is the new trend.

#kyliejenner at AirPort in LA – Sep 11!

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TBH, this isn’t actually Juicy Couture, unless it’s custom made or a part of a new collection that hasn’t dropped yet, which is entirely possible, but it is a matching velour tracksuit.

And if Kylie’s photographed wearing it, there’s a 50/50 chance her millions of followers will think it’s a good idea to start wearing it too, which is good news for Juicy Couture and the leisurewear movement in general, but horrible news for people like me who remember trying on an actual velour tracksuit in the 2000s and looking like a plush whale.

Besides diamond chokers, bandana tops, the occasional head scarf, and the return of Barbie pink everything, there’s not much about 2000s fashion that needs to make a comeback.

It was a tragic decade and it needs to rest in peace.

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