15 Tragically 2000s Outfits Marissa Cooper Wore On The OC

It was hard to tell at the time, but Marissa Cooper was the poster girl for everything that was wrong with 2000s fashion.

Each and every one of the decade’s most tragic trends graced her waif-like frame over the 3 years she was on the show, before she was killed in a car crash by her psycho ex-boyfriend named Volchek who had the nerve to cheat on her at prom. 

It was sad, but not as sad as any of these 15 tragically 2000s ensembles. 

1. The “I’m Too Preppy For My School”


Yes, the polo is Lacoste but pairing it was a patterned skirt WITH SEQUINS ON IT and a Lily Pulitzer headscarf is the kind of power clashing that only works in the 2000s.

2. The “I’m A Lady In The Streets But A Shrug In The Kitchen”


A lot of drama went down in the kitchen on the O.C., and so did a lot of fashion mistakes. Here the misguided teenage prep puts together a pink and green outfit, consisting of an oversized skirt, a full length cami, and a frumpy half shrug. Casual? Yes. Fashion forward? No.

3. The “I’m Rainbow Bright, Right?”


A pleated denim mini paired with anything is already a misstep, but paired with a rainbow zip up and a taupe mini bag… let’s just say it’s lucky for Cooper that her date went over better than her outfit did.

4. The “What Are You Having For Lunch? Fries And A Side Of Clash”


While we applaud Cooper for her decision to eat In ‘N’ Out for lunch, we don’t know what to think about her shirt. Especially not when she stood up and we saw how the whole outfit went together… or you know, didn’t. Next time you wear a fake sweater vest, at least make sure it goes all the way around.


5. The “I’m Too Preppy For My School Pt. 2”


It wasn’t a good look the first time, and even though it’s still not, at least Cooper had the decency to ditch the head scarf and hold a flip phone to her ear so we could instantly be reminded that this was the early 2000s, and things were different.

6. The “One Night In Paris Hilton’s Dress”


The one dress every rich bitch needed to have in her closet. Short, strappy, pastel, frilly with just a hint of unflattering ruching to remind everyone that you’re so thin, not even strawberry shortcake fabric can make you look fat. It doesn’t get much more 2000s than this.

7. “The Horror, The Horror”


Actually, it does get more 2000s, and this is it: a stretchy cream colored halter top with a wrap around tie paired with a frilly pink micro mini. If anybody’s looking for the subject of their next horror film, this is it.

8. The “Does This Ribbon Make Me Look Fat?”


Ribbon details were big in the 2000s. Why? It’s a mystery – just like it’s a mystery why anybody thought it was a good idea to put a ribbon around the widest part of a woman’s body.

9. The “OMG, I’m So Alt Right Now”


Marissa Cooper was a preppy girl, but then she started hooking up with an older girl who worked at a concert venue, so naturally she had to try and edge herself up. This skinny knit scarf/definitely not vintage CBGB shirt practically screams “I’d like to be alt, please,” but what else can you really expect from a teenage girl who still lives at home with her parents?

10. The “Waiting For My Man”


We don’t remember whether Cooper was waiting for Trey or Volcheck here, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why he wasn’t coming out of his motel room. The multi-colored crochet shrug paired with the blue and yellow tank top is not the kind of look a guy wants to be seen with — especially when you see the details up close.


11. The “You Can Never Have Too Many Straps” Dress


The 2000s were a decade of overkill, and unfortunately for this dress, there was just too much going on. If only the ruffles were gone…and maybe the shoulder straps too.

12. The “Casual Blaze At School”


Granted, Cooper’s outfit is a lot better than Summer’s, but her cargo mini paired with the cream blazer definitely has something to do with why the two girls behind them are giving them the stink eye.

13. “The Bigger The Braid The Bigger The Babe”


Remember when big braided belts were a thing? Fail.

14. ‘The I’m Trying To Be Serious About School, But I Just Don’t Give A F*ck’


Everything about this outfit is wrong. The bellbottom capri jeans, the satin tie belt with a bejeweled flower on it, and most certainly the orange lined, multi-color burlap sack masquerading as a serious blazer. See what happens when you try and be something that you’re not, Coop?

15. The “You Can Totally Tell That This Is Chanel, Right?”


This was one of the last outfits Cooper wore before she met her untimely end. She wore it to her senior prom, and it was Chanel. Apparently, the fashion house only made eight of these dresses, thank god, so it was a very big deal that the O.C. got to borrow one. 


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