Civilians Can Now Purchase Belted Boots Like Rihanna

Last month, when Kendall Jenner was spotted roaming around Paris wearing chaps over boots, we knew it was only a matter of time before the Public Desires of the world started selling their own knockoffs, and sure enough, that time is now.

This morning, while making my daily online window shopping rounds, I noticed that Nasty Gal was selling two pairs of belted Jeffrey Campbell boots.

One in black.

And one in taupe.

And you’re in luck, because both of them can be yours for the low, low price of $255.

Oh, what’s that?

You don’t have $255 because you’re broke as fuck?

Well, don’t worry. These belted boots can still be yours because Public Desire is also selling their own version in ruched faux suede for only $79.99 in Black:


and light grey:

Merry Christmas, Rihanna.

Your belted boots have finally caught on.

Everybody else, I’m sorry because you’re about to waste your money on shoes you’ll literally never have an occasion to wear.

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