Kendall’s Walking Around Paris in Belted Chaps

Kendall’s given us a lot to write about sartorially this week.

Monday we examined her spectacularly bougie white pants, and today we’re here to talk about her decision to wear belted chaps as casual day wear.

11/29/16: Kendall at the Grand Palais in Paris. – #kendalljenner

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Kendall via 10 Magazine’s Instagram Stories – #kendalljenner

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When you think of the word “chaps,” naturally the first thing that comes to mind is another word: “assless.”

Although chaps originated as a protective leather garment used by cowboys and other assorted mounted animal riders over the world to keep their pants nice and spiffy-looking after a day of ridin’, ronpin’ and tobacco spittin’, they’ve long been co-opted by the bad girls and boys of the world.

For years now, chaps have been a staple of sexual deviance at S&M dungeons, gay clubs in metropolitan cities and Christina Aguilera videos, but it wasn’t until earlier this year when Rihanna designed a pair of belted denim chaps that were also boots, that they became acceptable daywear for the modern pioneer women, celebrities.

J Lo wore Rihanna’s boots in the video for her misguided Dr. Luke single “Ain’t Yo Mama,” Kylie wore a pair for Halloween, and now Kendall’s casually wearing them abroad.

And now that Kendall’s wearing them, it’s only a matter of weeks before Public Desire comes out with their own knockoff, which means assless chaps, attached to boots or just layered over them, are destined to become the hottest Instagram girl trend of 2017.

Get ready for it.

[H/T Cosmopolitan]


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