Kendall and Gigi Demonstrate How to Pull off Bougie White Pants

From those drunk sorority girls in line for matching vodka sodas to a sea of preppy people posting up on boats, there’s something inherently bougie about white pants.

More than gaudy jewelry or designer handbags, white pants are the symbol of a moneyed existence where the most taxing thing you do all day is figure out which selfie to post on Instagram.

But here’s the thing about white pants, if you don’t wear them just right, you look less like the crowned-WASP jewel of the Upper East Side and more like a Jersey Shore mall rat.

Luckily Kendall and Gigi are offering a complimentary class today in how to look like a bougie princess in white pants.

Let’s take a look:

November 28: #GigiHadid and #KendallJenner out in Paris.

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First, there’s Gigi’s approach downtown take on bougie.

Her loose-fitting white pants hint accessorized with a cream-colored turtleneck and and an oversized duster hint that she’s an artist, but not the struggling kind, the kind with her own SoHo loft that she shares with her boyfriend who owns his own artisanal mustard company.

Whereas Kendall’s white pants, paired with a trio of layered gold necklaces, sunglasses and a cropped fur coat scream, “I have money, a hot body, and everything else you could ever think of wanting, deal with it.”

While these aren’t the only ways to pull off a white pair of pants, they are the only ones that won’t require you to wear boat shoes or get so drunk that you can barely stay standing in the stiletto heels your big falsely promised would get you laid.

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