You probs got tougher job interview questions than your male coworker

If you know your shit, you know being a corporate babe is harder than being a corporate bro.

Guys get paid more (with just a few exceptions). They get better jobs, even in female-dominated fields. And according to a new study, they also get easier job interviews.

Shocking? Hardly.

Disheartening? Absolutely.

In addition to men getting easier interview questions, they also get interrupted less than women by the interviewer (when the interviewer is a man, naturally). When men are interrupted, it’s to receive positive affirmations, whereas women are repeatedly asked to prove themselves.

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Of the 119 job interviews that were recorded, the researchers found that on average, women were interrupted during five questions, whereas men only dealt with interruptions during four questions.

Women also received three more followup questions on average when compared to men.

Is this the worst thing in the world? No, and it just proves that the women really deserve their spots there. But it also just reinforces previous studies that have shown men are naturally assumed to be smarter and more competent whereas women are assumed to be less competent until proven otherwise – hence all the followup questions to determine if women were really smart enough for the job.

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The study also found that because women had to deal with more questions – particularly during presentations – they tended to rush through and didn’t hit on all the things they planned to include.

Unfortunately, men interrupting women isn’t restricted to the workplace, and women facing hardships to get to the top of the corporate ladder isn’t news. But on the bright side, next time you lose out on a job to a dude that’s clearly less qualified than you, know that it’s probably the interviewer falling back on gender stereotypes and you probably wouldn’t want to work there anyways!

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