These Questionable 2000s Boots Are Making a Comeback

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, fashion is out of control right now.

Kendall Jenner and co. are putting the most ridonkulous outfits together and the fashion world is enabling that behavior by letting every single trend that’s been cool in the past 50 years walk down its runways.

So, it was just a matter of time before we got to utter the following words: calf-high boots are cool again.

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If you weren’t old enough to make the full gamut of fashion mistakes people in their twenties and thirties did – or just blocked it out because it was too traumatic – calf-high boots and their slightly cooler cousins, knee-high boots, were all the rage in the 2000s.

For everybody.

High-schoolers wore them.
College stoners wore them.
Cool art teachers wore them.
And all the hottest celebrities and fashionistas did too.

But then, like all semi-decent garments, they crossed the bridge from trendy to basic because they were just too popular. Cool people locked them away in their attics along with all their ballet flats and layering camis.

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But now, everything from the 2000s is coming back into fashion.

Being emo, wearing Juicy Couture, skinny scarves, and even this questionable boot height.

While not every high fashion designer’s already embracing them, they were practically the only shoe silhouette that walked down the runway at Chanel.

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They waltzed down the runway at Miu Miu.

@miumiu #miumiu #pfw #fw17 #mainstyle

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And they were there at one of the only innovative shows this season: Moschino.

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And early adopter of every questionable 2000s trend Kendall Jenner is already making it her mission to introduce them to the public.

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3/2/17: Kendall at the LVMH Prize event in Paris – #kendalljenner

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And Bella’s bestie Jessie Jo Stark is supporting the cause too.

March 4: #BellaHadid and #JesseJoStark leaving the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris.

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While some of theses shoes admittedly look chic af, the problem is that if you looked into the closets of all your friends from high school who never left town, you’d see a whole stack of calf and knee-high boots.

Only your friends aren’t doing it because they’re secretly fashion forward, they’re doing it because they’re so basic they never realized they went out of style.

Or, they did and they just don’t care.

And that’s part of the problem with fashion right now.

Trends are becoming cool again while simultaneously still being uncool, which is confusing.

There just hasn’t been enough time for these trends to be properly recycled.

Luckily, thigh high boots still have some life in them, but it’s only a matter of time before your options become limited because everybody’s bowing down to worship at the alter of the calf-high boot priestess.

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