The Most Emo Looks From Fashion Month

It’s been almost a decade since emo reigned supreme, but thanks to the dismal state of our country, people are starting to get angsty af again.

Music is getting sadder, eyeliner is starting to get heavier, and fashion trends you never thought would come back in style, like mesh bodysuits and lip rings, are popping up left and right.

Hell, emo’s so on the rise that even trend-maker Kim Kardashian is trying it on for size.

And so is the crazy hazy world of high fashion.

While we’re still a season or two away from watching a parade of full-out emo cotoure slump across the runway, fashion is edging towards getting edgier.

Here are some prime examples.

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#GigiHadid backstage at Balmain FW17. #PFW

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This look practically screams I only wake up for 10,000 Taking Back Sunday songs

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Alexander Wang

@ez_ez_ez_ in #WANGF17 Look 38 embroided chainmail dress with beaded hem detail. #NYFW

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Hot Topic Chic.


#GigiHadid walking for Versace FW17. #MFW

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Runway looks from backstage at the #VersaceFW17 women’s show.

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These are the kind of women who spit in the general direction of Avril Lavigne fans.

Versus Versasce

#BellaHadid walking for Versus Versace FW17. #LFW

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#GigiHadid walking for Versus Versace FW17. #LFW

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This is a slightly subtle emo look, but if anything’s a sign that you’re angsty af, it’s going out in public with hair that hasn’t been washed or combed for what looks like weeks.

Anna Sui

Kendall and Taylor Hill backstage at Anna Sui FW17 Photographed by Sonny Vandevelde – #kendalljenner #taylorhill

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For the emo girl who’s not afraid to get in touch with her girly side.

Alberta Ferretti

#BellaHadid walking for Alberta Ferretti FW17. #MFW

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Hiding behind a mask so as to hide your true emotions from the world is about as emo as it gets.


Actually, we take that back.

Nothing is more emo than glorifying self-harm — which is not cool, btw.

But if you’re still not convinced that the emo revival is happening, look no further than Bella Hadid’s recent experimentations with emoism.

February 20: #BellaHadid leaving Annabel’s Mayfair in London.

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February 18: #BellaHadid and #KendallJenner leaving Sexy Fish in London.

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Hold on to your fingerless gloves and Marilyn Manson CDs folks, the next few years are gonna be a bumpy ride.

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