How to Pull Off a Juicy Suit Without Looking Like a Ghost From 2008

Thanks in no small part to the Kardashian-Jenners, 2000s nostalgia is having a moment.

Kendall’s wearing Paris Hilton-inspired dresses, Kylie’s making headlines for dressing like Dirrty-era Christina Aguilera, and Rihanna’s wearing glorified Juicy suits to the club.

But the problem with any nostalgia-based fashion trends is they can be hard to pull off without looking like a ghost from the near-distant past — especially with Juicy suits.

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We all have an image of what a typical Juicy suit-wearing woman looks like, right?

It’s Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie circa 2008.

Her hair is done, her nails are done, she’s carrying an oversized handbag with a tiny dog inside, and accessorizing it all with a pair of oversized sunglasses and flip flops.

While that’s still a cute look to pull out for a 2000s party, it’s not how you should be wearing Juicy suits if you want to try and pull it off IRL.

So here’s some helpful hints.

Ditch the News Anchor Hair

2017 is going to be JUICY ❤️ Regram @larsenthompson #2017

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Nobody ever wakes up thinking, “I really wanna look like shit in public today,” but there’s a fine line between looking like you’ve invested in a good fly-away spray and looking like you’re on the payroll at Fox News.

They may be called Juicy Couture, but they’re not fancy.

The trick to pulling off Juicy suits IRL is to treat them like the glorified pjs they are.

Don’t spend $80 on a blow out, don’t spend 30 minutes with a curling iron, and don’t rock chicken soup blonde highlights.

Keep it simple — or at least simple looking.

Try to recreate Kim’s 70s-inspired Cher and Yoko Ono look, rock a fun ass colored wig like Kylie, or pull your hair pack in a no fuss ponytail like Rihanna.

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Don’t look like you make a six-digit salary

Juicy Couture suits have a reputation for being rich bitch attire, so the trick to pulling them off in 2017 is to make them look like alt girl apparel.

Instead of pairing your Juicy suit with an oversized handbag with matching oversized sunglasses, strap on a mini backpack or platform sneakers.

Or you can take your fashion cues from Rihanna, and stick a patterned trench coat over it and put on a pair of hoops and call it a day.

Keep it Nude, Girl

Ready to dance the night away. #nyevibes💃 Regram @ana.viktoria

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Lip gloss and sparkly makeup are 2000s staples, so if you really wanna modernize, jump on the no makeup makeup bandwagon and keep it nude, girl.

Skip the Full Length Gloves

Juicy Couture for @vetements_official ❤️

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This is not your look.

Sorry not sorry, Vetements, but nobody’s winning any cool girl points with this look.

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