Kendall Totally Copied an Iconic Paris Hilton Outfit Last Night

If your first thought when you looked Kendall Jenner’s birthday look last night were, “damn, that looks familiar,” congratulations baby, you’re a pop culture scholar!

From the cut to the material to the slits up the side, Kendall’s dress looked like it was ripped right off of Paris Hilton’s mid-2000s body, and as it turns out, it sort of was.


A photo posted by @thedevil_wears_nada on

According to People, Kendall had Lebanese designer Antoine Salameh of LaBourjoisie create a custom look covered in Swarovski crystals for her, based off of a “reference photo,” and even Kendall owns up to the fact that she’s copping “vintage Paris Hilton vibes.”

vintage Paris Hilton vibes. 21 21.

A photo posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Now obviously Paris Hilton isn’t the biggest Kardashian stan, so it should be interesting to see what she makes of Kendall’s copy of her iconic look.

Think this could be the olive branch we’ve all been waiting for, or this one riff that’ll never end?

[H/T People]

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