Paris Hilton Just Reminded Kanye Who Made His B*tch Famous

Although Kanye West’s claim to have made “that bitch” Taylor Swift famous is laughable at best and derogatory at worst, when Paris Hilton says she made Kim Kardashian famous, she actually means it.

And yesterday some random fanboy made a hilarious “Famous” meme about it that was so on point, not even Paris could help but give it a double tap.

If we’re being completely honest, there’s no reason why Paris shouldn’t have been curled up right beside Ray J on the bed in the first place, and @littleboyhilton should probably get a medal or something for righting the gigantic snub in the first place.

Still, getting one of your favorite celebrities to like the meme you made of them is pretty cool, and more meaningful than any medal could ever be.

In case you need a refresher, back in 2006, when Paris had pissed off her bestie Nicole Richie and was in need of a new lackey to pose with on the red carpet, she turned to her second-tier friend Kim, hired her as her personal assistant, and began taking her everywhere with her as a glorified handbag.  

While it would be a stretch to describe their relationship as purely positive, Paris and Kim were BFFs— best frenemies forever. 

Sadly though, after only eight months, E! canceled Paris’s show, The Simple Life, and decided to give Kim and her own family their reality show instead. 

Read more about their brief, but beautiful friendship which helped propel Kim Kardashian and her family to become the Internet-breaking phenomenons that they are today:

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