Kendall Celebrated Her 21st By Looking Hot and Acting Wild

Today, at the stroke of midnight, Kendall Jenner finally became old enough in the eyes of society to responsibly, or irresponsibly, enjoy alcohol.

It was obviously a momentous occasion in young Kenny’s life, and she celebrated by going out to Catch in WeHo and Delilah nightclub, wearing a dress that was ripped straight out of 2007, in a good way.

Meanwhile, the rest of her family and close friends all wore black, which seems like too much of a coincidence to not have been a birthday girl mandate.

Hailey wore all black.

Outfit #2 😍🔥💣 #haileybaldwin #lovethislook #fashionista @haileybaldwin

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Cara Delevingne did too.

As did Kylie.

Kendall’s 21st 🎉

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Plus Kourt, Khlo, Kris and Caitlyn.

While Kim and Gigi failed to make an appearance, everybody’s favorite 15-year-old Kaia Gerber was there with her mom, which kind of sounds like a big buzzkill, but Kendall and Ko. didn’t seem to let that get them down because shit got rurl wild for a Kardashian party rurl fast.

And while all of Kylie’s snaps haven’t made it onto the Internet yet, let’s just say the night keeps turning up with girl-on-girl lap dances and Kendall drinking straight out of the champagne bottle, which is exactly how a 21st party should go down.

Welcome to the club of irresponsible behavior, Kenny.

21 21

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