Kylie Re-Wore Her Xtina Costume for Christina Aguilera’s Bday

We told you that Kylie Jenner was making her Xtina makeover permanent, but even we’re shocked that this weekend Kylie literally reprised her Halloween costume: wig, chaps, bikini top and all.

It all started with Kylie, wearing natural-looking makeup and a plain white sweater, telling her millions of Snapchat followers, “Alright, we are about to start glamming for something that I’m really excited about.”

And then the next thing you know, Kylie was decked out like Xtina circa 2002, leaving us all a little flabbergasted.

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Was this Kylie’s way of saying she’d recently found a hole in the time-space continuum or did she just not have anything better to do than play dress up on a Saturday night?

As it turns out, neither.

Kylie was just going to Christina Aguilera’s birthday party dressed as Christina Aguilera because that’s what the birthday girl had specifically asked her to do.

“When XTINA wants u to dress as XTINA for her bday you do it!!!” Kylie wrote on Snapchat.

Wearing a multi-colored fur coat and a large pink wig, Christina pulled Kylie onto her lap at the party for a photo opportunity, and the two proceeded to go into a semi-awkward, should we or should we not kiss routine.

To be fair, when it’s your birthday and there’s a scantily-clad girl sitting on your lap, these kinds of things are BOUND to happen.

Happy Birthday @xtina !!!!!! 💋💋💋

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The whole thing was cute, but also kind of weird, and before long Kylie changed into something a little more comfortable.

There’s just only so long a girl can wear chaps in public.

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