Chokers Are Dead But a 2000s Skinny Scarf Comeback Is Just Beginning

Every girl who hung onto Uggs way too long in the 2000s is now doing the same thing with the black choker.

Trust me, I’m not judging. I’m guilty myself. I have a cheapo band of black velvet encircling my gullet as I type these very words.

But that doesn’t make it okay. The choker has been officially unhip since Taylor Swift popped one on about a year ago, and it’s just hitting the middle-America saturation point now.

So what will be the choker’s replacement when it comes to neckwear that says “I’m vaguely aware of trends”? Thanks to Michelle Williams’ outfit at the SAG Awards last night, I’m pretty sure we’ve found it: the black skinny scarf.

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Michelle Williams’ stylist is Kate Young, the visionary celeb-dresser behind some of the most elegant red carpet looks of the past five years. She added the black scarf, she told Vogue, because she “wanted it to feel modern and cool so the little scarf is all it really needed.”

A black skinny scarf might seem modern now, but during the 70s and, more recently, the late 2000s, it was ubiquitous.

Around 2003, the skinny scarf served the exact same purpose of a choker today: you could toss it on over an otherwise blah or passé outfit for an instant update that screamed, “I KNOW ABOUT THE SCARF, GUYS. I’M HIP.”

And then moms and teachers caught on, and girls decided not to go near the skinny scarf with a 10-foot pole. Which will be happening any minute now with the choker, mark my words.

So if you’re feeling self-conscious about relying on a choker to drag your boring outfit into 2017, maybe give a black skinny scarf a try. Here are a few options:

CHEAP: ASOS 70s Long Skinny Scarf, $8.50

REGULAR: Halogen Skinny Scarf, $25

PRICEY: Eileen Fisher Beaded Skinny Silk Scarf, $138

It remains to be seen if the colorful scarves favored by 2000s high schoolers like Marissa Cooper, pictured above, will make a comeback too. In the meantime, check out these 15 tragic Marissa lewks and remember how unkind the 2000s were to so many of us.

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